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What is a MRI?

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), provides detailed images of soft tissues, bone, fat, muscles and the internal organs of your body. A series of images are taken through sections of your body, in any direction desired.

MRI produces different information than other examinations such as x‐ray, ultrasound or CT scans. In particular, it provides information concerning the soft tissues including nerves, muscles, ligaments and cartilage.

The MRI machine uses a very strong magnetic field and radio waves to examine a specific area of your body. This technique does not use x‐rays and is considered safe and painless.


Please ensure the following steps are followed. They will serve to prepare you for your examination and/or procedure.

  • Appointment required for this examination
  • For MRI appointment bookings please phone  132336
  • There is no specific preparation for exam
  • Often performed in conjunction with CT scans or plain x‐rays
  • If you have a Cardiac Pacemaker it will not be safe for you to be scanned
  • If you have one of the following please advise at the time of booking as further safety checks are needed:
    • Cerebral Aneurysm Clip
    • Metal in your eyes
    • Artificial Heart Valve
    • Infusion pump
    • If there is a possibility you may be pregnant
    • If you have had a piece of metal in your eye or brain, or recently had eye surgery
    • you have had a piece of metal in your eye or brain or eye surgery
    • if you suffer from claustrophobia, as we will be able to administer medication to assist you
  • Please bring any previous images that have been scanned elsewhere, preferably on CD or disc
  • All items of jewellery will need to be removed as to avoid interfering with the exam
  • All metal objects must be removed before your scan, inculdng mobile phones