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Nuclear Medicine

What is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear Medicine is a branch of diagnostic imaging that uses very small amounts of radioactive material, or tracer, to provide information about the function or structure of particular organs such as your heart, lungs, bones or liver. The radioactive material localizes in specific parts of your body and emits radiation. The radiation is detected by a gamma camera and a computer processes the images. Images are then printed on to imaging. Nuclear medicine allows doctors to make a relatively quick, accurate diagnosis regarding a wide range of medical and surgical conditions.


Please ensure the following steps are followed. They will serve to prepare you for your examination and/or procedure.

  • Appointment required for this examination
  • You may be asked to fast 2-4 hours prior to scan depending on the type of Nuclear Medicine
  • You will be advised of the appropriate preparation when you make your appointment
  • It is recommended that you check with either your referring doctor or our staff if you can take your usual medication prior to a scan of your heart

Locations That Offer This Service