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True Body measurement (TBM)

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True Body Measurement (TBM)

TBM is a short scan performed on a DEXA scanner which accurately measures the ratio of fat to muscle in your body. It is a highly accurate measure of Body Mass Index (BMI). 

What will your TBM scan tell you?

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) and Total Body Fat percentage
  • Where your BMI sits within the normal ranges defined by the World Health Organisation
  • Fat Distribution throughout the body including legs, trunk, android (stomach) and gynoid (waist/hips)


Do you need a referral, and how much will a TBM scan cost?

A medical referral is not required for a TBM scan. A TBM scan costs $70 and is non-rebateable by Medicare



NEW SPECIAL! 2 TBM scans for $100*.

One now, and then follow up in 6 weeks, 12 weeks or 6 months time! Keep track of your results!

*the 2 scans must be performed within 12 months and they should be scanned on the same DEXA machine. The special is per person and can’t be split for 2 people.

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